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Peaches Ain't No Peach Mr. Gullible
— A True & Really Funny Story —

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Peaches Ain't No Peach Mr. Gullible:
My Life Tales,
Short Story Volume 3.
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Peaches Ain't No Peach Mr. Gullible Short Description

You'll be in for one enjoyable ride as I tell you several very funny true events that took place shortly after meeting Peaches when my family and I started living on my Uncle Jackie and Aunt Martha's farm in the backwoods of Bell, Florida, in addition to finding out the identity of Mr. Gullible.

It's time to ride. Yeehaw!

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"Peaches Ain't No Peach Mr. Gullible."

Peaches Ain't No Peach Mr. Gullible Full Description:

"I don't want to move." I believe I saddly shouted after my dad told us we were moving. Many undelightful emotions and thoughts were spiralling through my head as well as my brothers' and sister's as he told us why we were moving and where we were moving to. And our dad, seeing our sorrow, did his very best to convince us that we were going to love living on his sister, Martha, and her husband's farm, and that we were going to have lots of fun, and see lots of animals.

I liked animals so my eyes lifted a little, but most of me still didn't want to go. Who really wants to leave their friends and the school they have become accustomed to? Not me, that's for sure. And nothing he told me at this time made me feel otherwise.

He kept on telling us how good of a time we were going to have, and how fun it was going to be, to stop the tears from falling from our eyes; and after arriving there, I found out he was right for the most part, we did have loads of fun and make good memories. But just as life deals out good, it deals out bad too, and not all of my experiences weren't peaches and cream, especially at the beginning. Not too long after several unpleasurable expereinces, I was going to be in for the ride of my life...

Come along with me and enjoy the ride as I tell you about some of our experiences moving in with my Aunt Martha and her family; and living on their humongous farm; and find out the identity of Mr. Gullible.

Yeehaw, southern boys can survive!