The 4 Workout (4) is A Full Body Workout Plan That Only Uses 4 Pieces Of Affordable Fitness Equipment That You Can Read Online For Free

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Hi, my name is Noel and I wrote a free online fitness ebook called 4  a.k.a. The 4 Workout  to help you improve your health, fitness, and life. This workout plan (fitness program) is based on the core of my workout routine that I did for many years to help me improve my health & fitness, to maintain a good stable level of health and fitness, to stay healthy, to feel good, and improve my life. The 4 Workout is still part of my fitness routine — it would probably be more accurate to say: I do a super version of The 4 Workout as part of my main, super workout routine. I exercise because it helps me feel better and benefits me in many other ways whether I'm aware of it or not and whether I feel like it or not. Even on the days when I don't feel like exercising, I feel better after I make, encourage myself to workout.

I want to help people (you) feel better, improve your overall health, fitness, and life by giving people (you) a simple workout routine that doesn't take a long time to do, that doesn't require a lot of expensive or fancy equipment, and that people (you) could do at home or in the gym and other places too.

I can't guaranty that everyone will be able to do The 4 Workout nor can I guaranty it will help everyone in some or many ways, but I believe it should be able to help many upon many people if they are willing to give it a chance and do it and complete it. I hope you'll be one of those people.

I really believe The 4 Workout can help you; and I truly hope that it helps you at least in some way, if not in many, many, many ways for that was my intention when I developed it. It would bring me great joy to hear that 4 helped you or any one. So, I hope you'll decide to use this workout plan to help you improve your health, fitness, and life; and if it helps you, if you want to, feel free to let me know how it helped you by sending me an email.

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