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Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jar Silicone Insulating Sleeve Made By Mason Jar Lifestyle Full Review.

blue silicone insulating kozie for ball glass mason jar

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I was keenly searching the internet for something, something that would insulate my thick delicous homemade milk shakes so that I could enjoy eating it slowly, bit by bite, with on of my awesome spoons before the ambient Florida heat turned it into a liquidity soup in a cup, a frozen beverage textural yuck.

On my quest I found a product made by Mason Jar Lifestyle that suddenly leapt out and caught my attention. But much to my regret, I wasn't able to capture this creature for quite some time....Oh, but it didn't evade me for too long.

A while back, when exactly, I can't recall, I was fortunate enough to obtain a blue silicone koozie for my Ball wide mouth pint mason jar and I couldn't wait to put it to the test. My inner milkshake beast was all too eager to make and eat my highly taste-bud-satisfying delicious frozen beverage with a bunch of mix-ins in it, and fervently wanting to find out if the silicone sleeve would keep my homemade milkshake thicker longer so that I could enjoy eating it very-very slowly if I wanted to. I almost caved into my inner milkshake beast twice and came close to making my shake the Wednesday and Thursday after obtaining the wild bright blue koozie, but I used all my power to restrain the beast and make it wait until Friday when I usually make and greatly enjoy eating my delactable shake.

When Friday rolled in, I released the beast after working out in the morning and immediately began gathering the ingredients for making my delicious frozen beverage. Yep, I sure did...right after working out. If you’re an overly serious fitness buff, take a deep breath, it is a high calorie nutritious shake that is mostly jammed packed with good stuff and a little bit of not so good stuff that gives me plenty of fuel to burn for the rest of the day.

After finishing gathering my ingredients, I grabbed the koozie and set it on the table so that I could put the silicone sleeve through the first of four test. Smack dab after that, I pulled out my Ball wide mouth pint jar from the freezer, put it in the silicone sleeve, placed my great shake's ingredients into it, and grabbed my cheap hand-mixer and went to blending away. A previous time, while doing this with a bare glass Ball mason jar, the jar ended up slipping out of my hands and spinning furiously across the table, but not this time, the silicone koozie made it easy for me to hold on to the slippery glass. I was impressed, so much so, I wondered what would happen if I let go. So I did, I let go...and to my great surprise the silicone kozie kept the jar from spinning all over the place. Though, to be fair to the Black and Decker hand-mixer, I admit, the glass mason jar did rock a little here and there, but nothing like it did before without the silicone sleeve.

Once I thoroughly mixed everything together, I used the removal-whole at the bottom of the sleeve to easily and quickly pull it off the jar; and then I placed my homemade shake in the freezer.

Why would I put it back in the freezer?

I don't mind telling you.

I normally put my shake back in the freezer so that I can finish the stretching part of my morning work out which also allows my shake to stiffen up and stay thicker longer after withdrawing it from the icebox to eat it. Smart move, I must say; I hope you think so too, especially since I normally do this to prevent my shake from becoming a deep puddle in our air-condition-less home. I don’t know about anyone else, but I greatly dislike runny shakes. After all, why would you want a melted shake that sloshes about, is losing its cool, when you can have a texturally pleasant thick shake that you can slowly savor?

Mere moments upon finishing stretching, I put some nuts and other things on a plate, sat down, and took a few nibbles. Then I got my delicious frozen shake out of the freezer and put the silicone sleeve on it in haste. I purposefully ate the shake much slower than what I normally do, taking only a little bite of it here and there while eating the other goodies that I gathered on a plate; I kept my eye on the viscosity of my shake the entire time, watching closely to observe the silicone sleeve’s insulating performance. Once I finished eating the food on my plate, I focused all my attention on my shake and happily took my time eating it one little spoonful at a time. MMMmmmmm, Yum, Yum, it was so thick, texturally pleasant, cooling, refreshing, and delicious. But, as more time passed, I could see my shake softening up and melting. Even so, I’m glad the silicone coozy was insulating my shake well enough to keep it from rapidly turning in to an absolute watery drink and for it allowing me to eat it slowly; On top of that, for providing me far better gripping surface than a glass mason jar with condensation on it ever would, and for helping to prevent my hand, fingers from going numb by my cold thick shake. That day, my first test was complete and I was satisfied with the results…My tummy and taste buds were too, they didn't complain at all.

Are you wondering about my second test?

Well, if you are, I'm going to tell you.

I filled a pot up with water and brought the water to a roiling boil. Then I grabbed the mason jar sleeve, put it on the wide mouth pint jar, and poured the scalding hot water into it. Next, I grabbed the jar with both hands, making sure my palms were fully contacting the sides of it, and held it tightly. At first I didn't feel much heat, but in about one minute my hands started feeling the hotness from the water. As more seconds past, I felt more and more heat permeating the sleeve. Around one minute and fifty-two seconds later, I had no choice but to let go because of the intensity of the heat. But I was still impressed with the silicone cozy’s insulating ability. Why? Because there would have been no way I could have held on to a sleeveless mason jar with scalding hot water in it that long without getting severely burned. The sleeve may have not been made to be a super insulator, but it did a good job shielding my hands from being instantly burned by the third-degree-burning hot water.

I really don't want to tell you about the third test that almost resulted in catastrophe...But here I go.

For the third test, I decided to put put the silicone insulating sleeve agianst the microwave to see what would happen, to see would win the fight.

I placed the koozie in the microwave by itself on high for about three minutes and opened the microwave briefly to see if it was doing okay. The sleeve looked like it was holding up well, so I quickly closed the door, and continued microwaving it. After a total time of five minutes I checked on it again and it seemed fine, it wasn’t melting. At this point I thought about going ahead and pulling it out, but my inner cat's curiosity got the better of me, so I continued microwaving it. While the sleeve was being bombarded by microwaves, thinking it would be okay, I started doing some other things not too far from my curiosity driven experiment. What a du-du-dumb move. Suddenly I started smelling some strange unpleasant odor and realized the sleeve was beginning to burn. I moved as fast as possible to the microwave and pulled out the kozie. Du-du-dumb move number two. The sleeve wasn't so cozy, it was red-coal hot and nearly burnt my fingertips before I quickly set it down on the stove. While checking my fingers for burns, I thought said out loud: "That was a dumbo move."

Two days later, I put it through a forth trial, a dropping trial, to see if the rubber silicone sleeve really would prevent the Ball mason jar from breaking if it was dropped on the ground.

On Sunday, when I finished eating dinner I grabbed the jar, put the sleeve on it, and made sure that its lip was gripping the rim of the jar well, that it was securely on. And then, with no hesitation, I lifted up the mates, jar jar and sleeve, together to my chest level and dropped them; to my delight, the glass did not break. Right after that, I dropped the pair a few more times at chest level and it still did not break. Then I lifted it above my head and dropped it, and yet, it did not break or crack at all. Seeing that it handled the fall from that height well, I thought: “Lets see what happens if I drop it from the height of the ceiling. I picked up the jar, stepped onto my weight bench and lifted the jar all the way to the ceiling (approximately eight or ten feet high). Before proceeding, I thought something like this: “It's probably going to break, but I'm going to drop it anyway.” Then, without notice, I let go. Just before they hit the gound, I cringed a little, thinking that it was going to break. Thud! It loudly sounded upon striking and immediately bouncing off the hard floor without breaking which surprised me. Despite seeing and being impressed by the silicone sleeve allowing the Ball mason jar to survive the fall, I wasn't satisfied yet. I wanted to know if the silicone sleeve was the real reason the jar wasn't breaking or if it was due to the strength and toughness of the glass mason jar. In order to settle my inner query, I stepped back on the bench and dropped the bare Ball mason jar from ceiling height, and heard a very sharp high-pitch cracking sound as it shattered into many pieces after crashing into the floor. "Well, that proves that sleeve really was protecting the glass jar," I instantly thought. Following that, I said aloud, "I wasn't expecting the jar to break like that."... "Now I've got to clean up this mess."... "What a bummer!"

And what did I do next, I got a broom and cleaned up the mess.

Well, that's all folks.

Review Sum Up, Final Thoughts:

(I’m sure this review will apply to any-size silicone sleeve, koozie, kozie, coozy, cozy, insulating sleeve or whatever chawannacallit developed by Mason Jar Lifestyle.)

Grip Performance: This is its strongest asset. It will grip the surface of whatever you set it on way better than the bare glass mason jar ever would.

Insulating Performance: good, but not great. It will help to keep your drink, milkshake, and frozen beverages cooler longer, but not a lot longer. And, since it kept my hands from getting immediately burned from boiling hot water, it should keep your hot chocolate, coffee, drink, and beverage warmer and hotter longer. (I eventually may test how long it keeps my hot chocolate hot, warm.)

Microwave Performance: okay. It can handle a few minutes on high, but if your microwave is as strong as or stronger than mine, it may start producing fumes around seven minutes or earlier; it might burn or melt if microwaved on high for too long.

Padding Performance: good. I dropped it from chest level (about four feet seven inches high), then from just above my head height (around five feet ten inches), and then near our ceiling's height (about ten feet three inches). To my amazement, it kept the sixteen ounce glass mason jar from breaking or cracking at all three heights.

Fitting Performance: It fits the glass jar well, and its lip at the top helps it hold to the rim of the glass jar.

All in all, I say that the silicone sleeve from Mason Jar Lifestyle is worth buying.

Mason Jar Lifestyle has silicone insulating sleeves for four ounce, eight ounce wide mouth, regular mouth pint, wide mouth pint, wide mouth one and a half pint, wide mouth or regular mouth quart mason jars.

If you would like to see them for yourself, you can:

See Mason Jar Lifestyle’s Silicone Insulating Sleeves For Ball Glass Mason Jars On Their Website (Non-affiliate link).

Suggested Improvements For Mason Jar Lifestyle's Silicone Insulating Sleeve, Silicone Koozie:

1. Triple, or at the very minimum double, its thickness to make it a better insulator that will keep cold items cold and hot items hot longer.

2. Decrease the diameter a little and make the lip a little tighter and stronger so that it fits a little more snuggly around the Ball sixteen ounce wide mouth pint mason jar. This would especially come in handy if dropped because I noticed that the sleeve's lip grip would loosen or come off a little after being dropped.

3. Create an option to be able to order the sleeve with or without a whole in the bottom. Some people may want a whole at the bottom to help them very easily remove the insulating silicone sleeve. And other people, like me, may not want a whole in the bottom to further increase its insulation ability even if doing so makes the sleeve a little harder to remove from the jar.

4. Make a nice bright leaf color green version of it. (I do like the bright blue and charcoal colors, and the other colors are okay too, but my favorite color is one of the beautiful spring or summer leaf greens, the types of green I see adorning the trees when I go swimming in the beautiful clear water of Fanning Springs in Florida.

I hope this review entertained you, delighted you, and informed you.

I hope your day goes well, and if you decide to buy the silicone insulating sleeve from (non-affiliate link), that it performs well for you, pleases you, and causes you to say: "It's worth the price."

Thank You for reading,

Noel Bray.