Find The Shamrock — Three Leaf Clover — Happy Saint Patrick's Day eCard — I Wish You Lots Of Good Luck VersionTell someone Happy St. Patrick's Day in a special, unique way by sending them this interactive ecard.
Watch the interactive ecard video demo to see how it works.
(Can You Find The Shamrock?)

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Find The Shamrock — Three Leaf Clover — Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I Wish You Lots Of Good Luck Version

Video demo of interactive ecard.

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4 leaf lucky clovers are created and randomly positioned within a predetermined area of the screen to create a clover patch. Then a shamrock (3 leaf clover) is created and randomly positioned within the clover patch. The bigger the screen, the bigger the clover patch will be and greater the number of 4 leaf clovers that will be put in it which makes finding the shamrock an even more fun challenge. Once the giftee finds the shamrock, he or she is suppose to press down, tap, or click on it with their mouse pointer or finger (if they have a touch capable device) and then watch the shamrock enlarge, and horinzontally and vertically center itself, and the texts appear smoothly one after another.

If the giftee is unable to find the shamrock on their own or wants help finding it for some other reason, they can...

Activate The Shamrock Finder

to help them find it. The Shamrock Finder is a gold circle that appears on the screen and when it gets really close to, touches, or is on the shamrock, the shamrock's leaves will change to a gold color; and then all the giftee has to do is press down, click, or tap on the shamrock and watch what happens.

More Specific Instructions:
are in the "eCard Instructions" within the "Important Information" notification screen which is the 1st screen the giftee should see when he or she opens the ecard, file.

I Wish You Lots Of Good Luck.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day.