The Empty Tomb eCardShare The Good News: Jesus Christ Rose from the grave and Conquered death, He Has Risen, by sending them the: The Empty Tomb eCard.
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The Empty Tomb

I didn't make a video demonstration of this interactive ecard because I didn't want to ruin the surprise for you.

Run to and enter the empty tomb and see what's inside and then exit the tomb and watch what's concealed be revealed by following the "eCard's Instructions" in the "Important Information" screen which should appear immediately after opening this ecard.

Download The Empty Tomb eCard  🙂

The recipient of this interactive ecard should feel like he or she is actually running to and entering the tomb, and upon entering the tomb, the recipient will get to see what's inside. After that, the recipient will be able to exit the tomb and get to see what's outside the tomb.

More Specific Instructions:
are in the "eCard Instructions" within the "Important Information" notification screen which is the 1st screen the giftee should see when he or she opens the ecard, file.