Regular Push Up Description

Go To The 4 Workout. 4 is a full body workout plan, free online fitness ebook, and also a great restarter or beginner exercise routine. See The Bent Knee Push Up Pictures Demonstrating The Beginning, Middle, and End of the Exercise. Watch The Bent Knee Push Up Video.

If you cannot do or don’t want to do regular pushups, you can do Bent Knee Push Ups instead.

  1. 1st step: Bend your knees and place your hands on the ground so that your knees and lower legs are about shoulder width apart, and so that your arms are almost completely extended but not locked out, and so that your palms are at least shoulder width or slightly further apart while still nearly in-line with your shoulders and chest like you are about to do a bear crawl across the ground.
  2. 2nd step: Extend one leg at a time, or both legs at the same time, straight back until your body weight is over, on, the balls of your feet and hands. Keep your head straight in-line with your back, which should cause you to be looking at the ground or slightly in front of you, while you are holding yourself off of the ground in this position, remember to keep your back as straight as possible the entire time. This is the starting position for push-ups. This is the beginning of the repetition.
  3. 3rd step: Gently breathe in as you lower your body close to the floor until your chest comes close to the ground and your arms are bent approximately 90 degrees or less. This is the negative movement of the repetition. This is the middle of the repetition.
  4. 4th step: Then breathe out as you push yourself back up to the starting position. This is the positive movement of the repetition. This is the end of the repetition.

    Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed to accomplish the repetition requirement for the chest exercise for the day.
  5. 5th step: To get back up, after you are finished doing the required repetitions, bring one leg at a time or both legs at the same time near your arms, get back into the bear crawl position or get on your knees and palms into the crawling position to prepare to get up. Then stand back up.