Noel Bray

Website and Blog Etiquette

With regards to

I kindly, politely, and firmly say:

If you engage in improper Website and Blog Etiquette such as the things above, your post, comment, reply, review, message, testimonial, and etc will be deleted, and if you continue to display improper website and blog etiquette with regards to what is written here, you will banned and blocked from this site.

Any comment, video, audio, testimonial, post, or et cetera that breaks these rules, or contains language, behavior, or anything that is deemed inappropriate or untruthful or unrighteous will be deleted.

This, The, "Website & Blog Etiquette" may be changed and updated at anytime so please check and reread it periodically. This way, you will be aware of the changes and updates to this "Website and Blog Etiquette."