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Casio Men's F201WA-1A Black Resin Digital Sport Watch Full Review.

Do you want a tough cheap watch that has several multifunction alarms and more functions?

Well, if you do, I'd like to tell you about my experiences with this cheap tough watch that I purchased years ago; and that I liked so much, I ended up purchasing it again. It's one mighty watch.

Continue lending me your ear and I'm sure you'll be entertained as you read, about what this watch endured, my honest review of the Casio Digital Sport Watch and end up wanting to purchase it for yourself.

I met my great watch many years ago when I was looking for a cheap tough and water proof or, at least, water resistant digital sport watch that had several alarms, a stopwatch, LED light, and long battery life to help me keep track of the breaks between the exercises of my workout, to time exercises and my workout, to wake me up and etc, but most importantly to help me be more productive.

Finding my aide wasn't easy. I spent much time surfing the internet for a cheap watch around 5 or 10 dollars who also met my minimum specifications. After diligently searching for it, I finally found it on and ordered the digital watch.

When I received it, it's trial soon commenced. Without trying to, I caused it to get into fights with my dumbbells and other workout equipment, and it received scraps and scratches on its display and other places, but it held its own, refusing to stop displaying the time well.

On top of that, I accidently dropped it from varying heights too. And each time I thought I had broken it, it proved me wrong and kept on ticking, telling me, "Is that all you got? You can't finish me off that easily."

As if crashing into the earth along with other objects and the scuffles it got in to time and time again weren't enough, it took an unwanted deep dip in a clear boiling drink...

One day, when I was burning up from working out in the summer heat, I hurried into the car and rushed to Fanning Springs. My body, baking, drove me to rush straight to the end of the dock, jump high into the air, and dive very deep into the clear spring water. A sound of relief flowed from my mouth immediately upon surfacing for air, "Aaahhhhh." And then I gently began swimming around the boil of the spring. O; O; O it was so refreshing. I continued happily cooling off in the cool, the great cool, water, but suddenly it dawned on me: I was still wearing my new assitant.

I thought for sure that the watch was dead due to drowning becuase of diving with me nearly to the the bottom of the spring's boil, especially since it was only water resistant. As I continued swimming upright over the seventy degree cold boiling water, I lifted the watch out of the water to take a look at it, and to my astonishment it said, "I'm still ticking." And I responded, "What the heck, you're still working. I guess, I might as well keep swimming and see w hat happens."

When I finished swimming and got out of the water, I took a closer look at my aide, and to my great liking, it was still functioning well.

Despite its deep dive, scuffles, crashes, and other things it went through, it endured...

It lasted me for years.

But, as with many things, it had its limits. I was at Walmart shopping, looking at some meat, and it unexpectantly fell off my wrist. I picked it up, and it didn't say a word. Its face was blank. It expired. Even so, because of all the hardships it overcame, I thought it might not be broken. I thought it might only need some get up and go juice, so I tried to get Walmart to replace the battery but the Walmart associate said she couldn't and suggested that I send it to a watch technician.

"Bummer. That's a bummer." I said to myself after hearing that.

Being that my cheap super watch only cost me around 10 dollars when I purchased it, and that it would cost the same amount or more to have a Casio watch technician fix it, I decided to purchase a new one which is still working at the time of posting this post.

So, if you want a great digital watch that is cheap and durable, and worth more than its price, I highly recommend purchasing the Casio Digital Sport Watch (Model number: EAW-F-201WA-1AV).

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Here are some of the watch's specifications according to amazon:

I hope this true story review informed and entertained you.

Thank you for reading it.

I hope you have a very great day,

Noel Bray.