Dumbbell Bench Press Description

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  1. 1st step: Standing straight up with your feet shoulder width apart, at the end of the bench where the dumbbells are located at, bend your knees to lower your body as you simultaneously bend your upper body downward and slightly forward until you are able grab each dumbbell firmly with each hand and then lift yourself back into the standing position you started in while holding the weights firmly and then sit down near the end of the flat bench and place the end of each dumbbell on the thigh that it is closest to and hold them there. Or lift them up by sitting down at the end of the bench where the dumbbells are located and slightly bend your upper body downward and forward to lift up the dumbbells and, while firmly holding them, set the end of the dumbbells on your thighs and hold them there. As you hold them on your thighs, make sure you are sitting straight up while your feet are flat on the ground. Either way you lift them, make sure you are sitting straight up while your feet are flat on the ground with your palms facing each other while one end of each dumbbell is resting on your thighs.
  2. 2nd step: Gently roll back onto the bench while you continue to hold the dumbbells on your upper thighs so that you don't flop down hard. At this point, your head, upper back, and butt are lying flat on the bench while the dumbbells are still resting on the same spot on your thighs. Or, as long as you are sure you can safely do it: as you roll back, lower you body, on to the bench, simultaneously bring the dumbbells into the dumbbell bench press starting position. The only part of your back that may not be touching the bench is the very small part just above your butt where your lower back naturally arches. Make sure your feet are completely flat on the ground and your knees are perpendicular to the ground.
  3. 3rd step: Now gently move the dumbbells from your thighs to your chest, if you haven’t already, so that the dumbbells are in the bench press starting position, while keeping them close to your body by using just your arm strength. If you can't move them to your chest with just your arm strength, sit back up, and as you gently roll onto your back, smoothly lift your thighs to help get them moving towards your chest so that your arms can more easily move the dumbbells into position, and after that, make sure your feet are back and flat on the ground with your knees bent approximately 90 degrees. Using either method, get the dumbbells to your upper body so that your elbows are approximately in-line with your shoulders and pointing away from your body and chest, and your elbow joint should be less than 90 degrees. If done correctly, the dumbbells should be nearly in-line with your chest, and your palms should be facing away from your chin. The dumbbells should be close to your chest, but they should not be on or touching your chest. Once this is accomplished, you are now in the appropriate starting position. This is the beginning of the repetition.
  4. 4th step: From the starting position, start the movement by breathing out as you smoothly press the weights straight upward and slightly inward above your chest until your elbows are almost completely straight while keeping your palms facing the same direction the entire time. Squeeze at the top of the contraction for a moment. The dumbbells should move inwards a little above your chest, but they should not touch each other. This is the positive movement of the repetition. This is the middle of the repetition.
  5. 5th step: Next, breathe in as you slowly lower the weight down to the starting position. This is the negative movement of the repetition. This is the end of repetition.

    Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have done the required amount of repetitions for this exercise for this day.
  6. 6th step: In order to set the weights down after you do the required repetitions and are in the starting position, move the dumbbells back to your thighs using your arm strength. While keeping them close to your body, keep moving them down to your thighs until you set one end of each dumbbell on each thigh, and then sit all the way up. Or raise your thighs towards your chest while simultaneously lowering the dumbbells in a small arch motion so that they touch your thighs and then continue using this momentum while maintaining a smooth motion to sit back up as the dumbbells are touching your thighs.
  7. 7th step: Then gently bend your body slightly forward and downward to set the dumbbells back down on the ground.