Imaginary Jump Rope Description

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Maintaining proper upright posture, pretend like you have a jump rope in your hands with your elbows near your sides. Your elbows should be slightly bent or bent no more than around 90 degrees max (I recommend keeping your elbows bent less than 90 degrees or what ever is angle that is less than 90 degrees that is comfortable for you);

Keep your wrist in their natural position, in-line with your forearms;

Keep your hands slightly clinched as if you were gripping a jump rope in your hands;

Keep your knees slightly bent;

Jump, bounce just high enough to jump over an actual jump rope while simultaneously rotating your forearms in a circular motion as if you were actually jumping rope.

Don’t forget to breath in and out your mouth while doing imaginary jump rope. (I usually breath in my mouth every one or two bounces and then I breathe out my mouth every one or two bounces depending on how fast and, or how high I’m jumping rope.

You can follow my breathing pattern for this exercise or follow, make, your own breathing pattern. The important thing is to make sure you are breathing well as you’re doing this exercise. Remember to act, do, perform, move your arms and body, as if you were actually jumping rope with a real jump rope.